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We respect the proprietary nature of our clients’ business so please feel free to contact us for the case studies and discussion of how the following success notes might be applied to your requirements:

  1. Are you in the position of introducing an entirely new technical capability that provides a traditional customer with completely new opportunities to address a new market and customer base?
    PR, Trade Shows, Education, Training, Collateral, Advertising, Outreach

    By providing the public relations and marketing support that heralded a whole new technology, educating the customer’s customer base, training the service provider, and coaching the staff into understanding a completely new opportunity and customer we helped our client hit a home run. What’s your great new opportunity?

  2. Do you have to break into an established market that’s never heard of you with a new solution they don't know anything about?
    Special Event, Trade Show, Collateral, Direct Marketing, Lead Management

    We helped our client do exactly that, and with a highly unusual and creative yet cost-effective tactic that gained instant awareness ... all with quick and decisive action within a very short window of planning and opportunity. To whom may we introduce you?

  3. Are you a market leader with a brand new, state of the art tool that will make your customers’ lives easier?
    Trade Show, Advertising, PR, Direct Marketing

    We can help you pick the right timing for the announcement, maximize the investment you'll make in launching, and leverage your reputation to show the industry how it’s done. We’ve done it before ... and achieved record sales in record time and at a fraction of the planned cost.

  4. Do you need to change the perception of your customer set and facilitate their entry and success into a new market?
    Messaging, PR, Education, Collateral, Direct Marketing

    We’ve used our PR skills to give our clients’ customers visibility they never dreamed of on their own, coupled with marketing communications efforts that leveraged every exposure to the max. We’d love to help your customers increase their potential for success too!

  5. Do you need to change an industry’s perception of the next phase of the market, establish thought leadership and facilitate an entirely new dialogue along the industry food chain?
    PR, Analyst Relations, Messaging, Thought Leadership, Event Management

    We’ve established industry forums, lead conferences, controlled the podium, and facilitated the media’s understanding of the money trail – as well as our customer’s customers’ awareness of the potential – in not one but three different industries. What’s your story and who needs to understand it?

  6. Would you like to understand how to leverage, and perhaps even provide a measure of control over, the aggressive PR activities of one segment of your customer set to benefit your more reticent customers?
    PR, Direct Marketing, Collateral

    Managing “loose cannon” can be especially critical in the biosciences though, well-handled, can provide the entire customer segment with the benefits of visibility and leveraged market awareness. Let us help you manage the public presence of your challenging customers to the benefit of your company and the rest of your customers.

  7. Do you have to prove to an entirely new customer segment that they have a problem you can solve … even if they don’t yet realize it?
    Messaging, Thought leadership, PR, Analyst Relations

    We’ve worked with our clients to define and deliver solid, quantifiable evidence of the problems their customers don’t yet know they have … along with heightened visibility and demonstrated success with the solution our client offers. How can we help you?

  8. Do you have a gut feeling that life would be easier if your investors understood you better?
    IR, Targeting, Messaging, Education, Special Events

    We’ve demonstrated that to be true on multiple occasions by targeting the right investor set, delivering a clear message to help our client significantly increase daily trading, avoid de-listing, and establish an ongoing dialogue that helped them weather future storms. How do your seas look?

228 Hamilton Avenue

Palo Alto, CA 94301


228 Hamilton Avenue

Palo Alto, CA 94301